About Us

Denton Boys Baseball, Inc. has been serving the youth in Denton for over 60 years! We are a non-profit 501(c) organization run by a board of volunteers. The board members strive to make your baseball experience as memorable as possible!




DBBI offers both a Fall and Spring season.


Fall baseball registration begins online on July 1st. Details for registration are posted the beginning of July. The Fall league is a more instructional league, players move up to what would be their age division in the upcoming spring season.  The reasoning behind this is to give each player a better opportunity to "learn the ropes" prior to the player participating in their new age division the coming Spring season.

The Fall League practices begin mid-August, games begin in September and run through the end of October. Ten games are scheduled, we guarantee 8, there is also a single elimination tournament at the end of the season for age divisions 7U-16U.

Spring baseball registration begins online on December 15. Details for registration are posted mid-November. The league's Spring season  is our more competitive season.

Spring practices begin mid-February, games begin late March and run through the end of May. (Please note due to rain sometimes the season can go into the first week of June) We schedule 10 games, guarantee 8, and there is a double elimination tournament at the end of the season for age divisions 7U-16U. (Please note if we received inclement weather the tournament can be reduced to a single elimination or cancelled if unable to use the fields for long periods of time.)



Both Fall and Spring...

5U-6U players are placed on teams by school when possible.

7U-16U players are drafted each season. Our goal is to spread the talent out as evenly as possible to allow the players to have a fun and competitive experience.






League                   Age             Base Paths         Pitching

5U (T-ball)                5                    50 feet                   N/A

6U (T-ball)                6                    50 feet                   TBD

7/8U (Coach Pitch)  7 and 8          60 feet                   42 feet

9/10U                       9 and 10          65 feet                  46 feet

11/12U                    11 and 12         70 feet                  50 feet

14U                         13 and 14         80 feet                  54 feet

HS                           15 - 18              90 feet                  60.5 feet

1. League Age is the age attained by a player prior to May 1 of the

current baseball year (Sept. - Aug.), and determines the player’s legality for a

specific age division.